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Social Media And Story Telling

Too many people tell us the same thing: we don’t get much engagement with our corporate posts. We can tell you why. It’s because they try to sell - particularly when it comes to new mortgage products on the market.

Solution…tell not sell

Turn your posts from an announcement to a story. Don’t sell. Tell. Tell a story. Bring things to life. After all, storytelling has been a powerful tool for centuries – social media just gives a new dimension to that.

If you are a lender, explain why the new product has been launched and who it is suitable for. Use data in your story.

If you work for an intermediary, again explain why you are sharing the information and who the product is for.

The same applies for non-mortgage product announcements. For example, if you are attending an event – say why you chose to be there. If you have a new member of staff, tell a story on why you chose them, and they chose you.

Remember the 80/20 rule – that only 20% of your social posts should be self-promotional. Share content for your audience. Share ideas.

Talk like a person. And if you can avoid the brand police, write such posts in the same way as you would speak; not using fancy jargon.

Like a real person, you would not start a conversation and then disappear, so if people are kind enough to comment on your posts, continue the conversation.

And finally, people engage with social media accounts that are people, not brands (on the whole that is). So, the points above relate to the accounts of your people not just your corporate account; after all a brand is everything that you say and do. Now tell a story or two.


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