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8 Quick Social Media Tips

Love it or hate it, social media is part of our world in marketing. So how can you get the most out of it? Well, here are a few quick thoughts which could help. Nothing really new here, but sometimes it just helps to remind ourselves what know:

  • Know Your Audience - Be Relevant

  • Know Your Audience - Be Empathetic

  • Focus On A Few Key Channels

  • Have A Plan

  • Be Accessible

  • Know What Works

  • But Don’t Get Hung Up On What Can Be Counted

  • Repurpose It

Know Your Audience – Be Relevant Yes, it is obvious, but you really need to know what your audience want to see and read on social media. Social media experts tell you it is about being authentic. But your starting point is to make your social media content relevant. Then focus on making the content authentic.

Know Your Audience – Be Empathetic You also need to be empathetic. It is a challenging market. With a lot of stress. Just bear that in mind when you are preparing your content. Think about the context in which it will be seen. How will it be perceived if the audience is under pressure from rate changes, for example. Know the challenges your audience is facing. Think how you can solve this.

Have content that is helpful.

Focus On A Few Key Channels

You are busy. So, it does not make sense to post far and wide. After all, a lot of social media channels are not necessarily right for you anyway. Focus on one or two channels and adapt the content according; don’t simply post the same thing on different channels.

Have A Plan Maybe this point should have been first – but be clear what you want to use social media for. Have goals, measurable goals in place. Be Accessible Encourage your audience to connect and give you feedback via social media – through DMs. You might get a better sense of what is on your audience minds.

Know What Works Despite what some might tell you, there is no precise science with social media. There are so many factors that can influence the success of a single post. However, it is worth keeping a record of things that work well. And keep the recipe recorded for future analysis. And in terms of “what works” it will be aligned to your goals. It could be impressions, comments or click throughs.

But Don’t Get Hung Up On What Can Be Counted Just because a post has not gone viral or had 100s of comments does not mean it has not been of value. Have relevant content that can be SEEN by your audience. Even if they don’t fully engage with your post, visibility is still useful. And if the message is good, that helps build brand salience. Not everything that counts can be counted after all.

Repurpose It Use content more than once. Use content from any PR through social media. Use email marketing content via social media. Social media is not a stand alone channel.


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