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How To Get More From Your Corporate LinkedIn Posts

Don’t get much engagement on your company posts? You are not alone. I had a look at what some of the biggest brands in the mortgage market are doing, and they don’t get much engagement either. This is because it is human nature to engage more with other people than brands.

But that does not mean you should throw the towel in. On the contrary. You may not get much engagement, but you still want your posts to get noticed more and some extra engagement. So here are some simple tips for you to get more post views and more engagement: Add Value Educate Focus on People Use Long-form Content Tell The Story Think Native Try Different Content Types Tag & Share Create Intrigue Use authentic imagery. Keep reading...

 Getting More From Your Company LinkedIn Posts

1.       Add Value

Be Human & Helpful. Don’t just talk about YOUR BRAND. Who cares? Instead, focus on the value your brand can bring. Give content that helps your audience and is delivered in a human way.

2.       Educate

A surefire way to add value is to focus on educational content. Give thoughts, ideas and tips that can help your audience. It could be something you learned at a recent conference or event or read online perhaps.

3.       Focus on People

Show photos of people who work in your company – those that your audience will want to hear about. Share their work stories. Go behind those scenes. And if you are attending an event – show photos of who will be there instead of saying you are on Stand X.

4.       Use Long Form Content

LinkedIn is probably the only post where you CAN give longer content. When you do, it has to be easy to skim-read it. Keep paragraphs to one or two sentences. Use lists and bold some words. But only use emojis if it is reflective of your brand.

5.       Tell The Story

When you have an update, focus on the WHY you have done something, not WHAT you have done. That way you will find it easier to tell a story. Because storytelling is powerful.

6.       Think Native

There are contradicting views on this but try not to share links that take viewers away from LinkedIn, as the algorithms do not like this. Instead, share any external links within a comment.

7.       Try Different Content

Think about short form video – with your people in it. Or share a document (e.g. PowerPoint) or write an article or newsletter that can educate.

8.       Tag & Share

Don’t just randomly add names to help engagement as that can backfire. Tag people that are relevant to the post. It has to be authentic. The same with hashtags, use them wisely.

Encourage employees to share your company posts, with their own thoughts to go with it.

9.       Create Intrigue

Use that first line of your post to convey intrigue. Keep it to one line if you can.

10. Use Authentic Imagery

And finally, don’t do what I have done, which is use stock imagery; keep it authentic. And repurpose helpful content that is created elsewhere, such as in the press.


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