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ONE Simple tip for your LinkedIn posts

When you write an advert you have a HEADLINE

When you craft your email marketing, you will spend time crafting a great subject line.

Think in the same way when it comes to your LinkedIn posts.

Take a look at some people with high engagement. You may spot something that many will be doing.

It is simple.

Treat your opening "Paragraph" as your headline. Use it to create some intrigue. Mystery. Interest.

People are short of time. So use this tip to create a compelling "headline" for your LinkedIn posts like you do for other marketing activities.

Write a short sentence in your post. Then start a new paragraph. If your sentence takes up one line, leave an extra space before the new paragraph.

Go back to the email and see the example of Sarah Tucker's post. Sarah is the GOAT of social right now. Learn.

Told you it was simple.


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