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Use Story Telling With Testimonials and Case Studies

If you use testimonials and case studies – make sure you apply this important tip.

Don’t just use facts and figures – you need to bring these to life to connect at an emotional level. And do this through story telling.

Story telling will increase the chances that your testimonial and case studies are remembered by your audience.

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years and this skill has always been an important part of marketing.

So how do you do this?

Whilst a popular thought is to make your customer the hero, turn this around and make your brand the hero. Show how you solved the problem; tell the story.

Use story telling to make it clear how you can help your audience. Afterall, marketing is all about being helpful.

Explain how your company solved the problem; don’t talk about the product. Problems are solved by people. It might be the excellent work by a BDM, or an underwriter thinking differently.

The problem may have been solved by the broker simply being able to present the case in an easy to understand way.

Tell a story in your case studies.

And with testimonials, don’t just ask brokers and clients to say “their service was great” ask them to explain what problem you solved.

This is how you make your case studies and testimonials more effective. And get more stand out.

Now go and tell some stories.


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