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Why Emotional Marketing is Crucial

Forget what you have been told. Forget the hype. Brands need to connect at an emotional level. Yes, even in the mortgage market. Therefore in this brief article, I will:

  • Explain why it is important

  • Challenges this brings to you

  • Emotional drivers

  • 4 ways to connect emotionally

Let's Rationalise The Emotions When you ask people about their brand choices, they rationalise it. They make sense of their choices through rational reasons. The truth is, many decisions we make are based on emotive, not rational decisions. But it is hard to articulate the emotional decisions, so people talk only about the rational reasons.

This is true even in the mortgage market Do consumers simply choose a broker based on a recommendation? No. That is the rational answer. There will be emotional elements to the choice, usually based on trust. Do brokers choose lenders simply because that lender is the cheapest. No. But that is what most research will tell you. But it is not true. There are emotional factors that drive brand choice too. It is just that brokers don’t express that – because no-one asks. In reality, however, emotions greatly influence and, in many cases, even determine our decisions.

But research that pinpoints to rational decision making undermines the work you are doing. So don’t believe the hype. Focus on connecting your brand through emotion. Emotional Drivers Emotions can be driven and influenced by others. They can influenced by previous experiences and through marketing messages that are in the subconscious mind.

In the current market, there is a lot of uncertainty. This leads people to stick to what they know. So this is great for big established brands, but it is harder for tethers to get traction. But not impossible. Ways To Connect With Emotion

There are 4 ways that you can connect emotionally:

1. Know your audience I know, I know. I always go on about this, but understand the emotions of your target audience and use this to your advantage.

2. Colour Yes colour. This can help. Don’t tell others or you will get the “colouring in” department thrown in your face. But colour is important. You can see an old article on this here.

3. Language Use the words and phrases that your audience use.

4. Tell A Story You can do this by bringing people to life – and be human. You can do this by explaining how your brand solves problems and how it has done so before.

And in the current market, you can paint pictures about the economy. The market. Key market segments. Use educational content to tell a story. That reinforces your helpfulness. And don't forget your people. Bring your people to life. People are a key way of creating emotive connections. Be human. So forget what others say - using your brand to connect through emotive ways is crucial. And an important part and art of marketing.


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