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How To Get Your Content To Stand Out

The mortgage market is busy. People are busy. It is noisy. Brands want to be heard but product repricing is taking centre stage right now. So how can you create content that stands out? Well it needs to be relevant for your audience. And it needs to be somewhat original. And here are some other thoughts which might spark an idea or two: 1. Avoid the Me-Too

2. Be Known For Something

3. Tell The Story

4. Share Things That Are Helpful 5. Understand Your Readers 6. Make It Wide

1. Avoid the Me-Too Too often people check out what the competition are doing. And replicate their content. Avoid this trap.

2. Be Known For Something Rather than copy others, find something new. Something relevant to you and your audience. But talk about something that others are not. If that is not easy – so another approach is to give an alternative view point to popular topics.

3. Tell The Story Share recent experiences. Better still, share the experience from the viewpoint of your customers. And use customers in your content.

4. Share Things That Are Helpful You don’t have to restrict your content to “mortgages”. Find a way to be helpful. Give business tips (like marketing for example) if you deal with brokers.

5. Understand Your Readers If you want your content to stand out, you really do need to understand your audience. What are their problems and challenges right now. How can you solve this? Seek first to understand…

6. Make It Wide If you create content, don’t restrict its use for one channel. Think press, distributors, website, video, social media, events and whatever else you may be doing. If your content is good and stands out – get it out there even further.


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