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6 simple tips for creating thought leadership

Before you jump into creating thought leadership-based content, you will want to have a plan in place. You will want to think about what type of content you wish to produce and why.

Here are a few things you may wish to think about:

Have Goals – and use that SMART approach. Know what you want to achieve, which can be to increase brand salience or simply grow website traffic.

Develop content ideas. Think about your audience – what is going to be relevant to them, not you. What questions is your audience asking? What are their challenges?

Check out the competition. Know what others are doing. But don’t copy them, as they may not have got it right. But this is useful to know to identify any content gaps not being filled.

Know how to create the content. Align your content to your brand and its personality. Have a consistent approach to writing these thought leadership pieces.

Distribute. Work out where and when you are sharing your views. Email marketing, social media, press, webinars and so on. But keep it easy to digest.

Measure results. With your goals you will have desired outcomes. So have you increased website traffic or brand salience for example.


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