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Get the most out of your agency relationships

It's so easy to blame your agency if things don't go to plan. But it is so much better when you work together and have a strong working relationship. So here are 4 quick tips to enhance your working agency relationships to get greater results.

1. Relationships need good communication

Make sure you communicate regularly because good communication is the key to strong relationships. Keep agencies informed of the bigger picture, in terms of meeting marketing goals.

2. Brief Well

Make sure your requirements are fully understood. Brief properly. And don’t just create a brief and share on email – talk it through, ideally face to face if you can.

3. Don’t be arm’s length

You need to get on with your agency. There has to be shared values and a shared approach to how you want to work. If there isn’t, it won’t work, regardless of how polished an agency it is. It is a cliché, but make sure the agency are - and feel as they are - part of your team.

4. Think win:win

Don’t always think your way is best. And don’t think the agency’s way is best. Work together for a better way - win:win - with an outcome where 1+1 =3.


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