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No Action Without Insight

For me, gaining insights is the most important part of marketing. Without it, you are just guessing.

Insights make your marketing more effective and will ultimately lead to better results.

But what do we mean by insights?

Let’s start with what it is not. Insights is not market research or data analysis.

The Collins definition of “insight” is the ability to perceive clearly or deeply, a penetrating and often sudden understanding, as of a complex situation or problem.

And I see insights, from a marketing perspective, as the output of what you generate through the interpretation of the information you get from such activities like data analysis and research.

Insight is the discovery of relevant and actionable information about your business, marketing or customer.

Generating insights is an important skill – and needs creative thinking. And the key is that the insights form the basis of action.

Because there should be no action without insight; no insight without action.


Where Can Insights Come From?

  1. Market Research There are a lot of ways to gather market research, be it surveys, focus groups or one to one interviews. Bu the key is that proper market research will generate really powerful actionable insights. And I mean proper research, not tick box research that I often see. Proper research can give you crucial information about your customers needs, motivations and behaviours. Proper research can give you powerful information into the performance of your marketing and perception of your brand. But the research on its own does not give the insights – it is the skill of interpreting the information.

  2. Immersion I am a great believer in just getting out there and listening to your customers – whether that is a consumer, broker, solicitor, lender or other. Just immerse yourselves and listen. You will hear things and the skill is to turn that knowledge into actionable insights.

  3. Data Data on its own is just numbers and words – only a real, thinking human can turn such knowledge into an insight. Data from Google Analytics, email marketing, your sales dashboard, CRM, or external third party technology providers. You should also have good insight into how your products are selling. Yes, data holds a lot of information – use this to turn the numbers into actionable insights.

  4. Competitor Tracking Competitive insights help businesses understand their competitors’ strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. By analysing competitors’ actions and market share, you can identify areas of opportunity and develop strategies to differentiate yourselves and to find ways to be more distinct.

The Power Of Insights

Investing in insights gives you the edge. Especially in a mortgage market that is moving fast. Insights allows you to identify market trends, predict customer behaviour and uncover untapped opportunities. It helps you build stronger relationships with your target audience and stay ahead of the competition.

It helps you become more human and helpful.

It will help you deliver more powerful marketing.

Without insights, you are guessing. And when you guess, you may get it right, but you might not get it as right as those with the insight. Remember: No action without insight; no insight without action.


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