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Forum Event Uncovers Some Gems of Ideas

4 May 2023

Connect the Content event was hosted at HSBC offices in Canary Wharf. For 3 hours we discussed a range of important areas.

A great panel delivered a range of thoughts to help create better content for brokers and their clients. Panellists:

Kevin Roberts, L&G

Martin O'Callaghan, HLPartnership

Cat Armstrong, Dynamo

Shane Chawatama, Knowledge Bank

Richard Merrett, SimplyBiz

Discussions revolved around: Who - is the content aimed at (use segmentation not mass marketing batch and blast)?

What – is the purpose of the content. Why are you creating it and why would the reader care? (have goals set)

When – are you sending this? Is the timing correct? (know the best days, times to issue. Is the content topical right now?

Where – where are you distributing this? (use more than one channel to get a consistent voice)

How – are you delivering the content – visual, written, spoken (consider that different people prefer to consume information in different ways. Some are kinaesthetic, visual etc learners)

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