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Mortgage Marketing Academy

Built Created for marketers who want to understand the mortgage market more and how to market effectively within it. 

About The Mortgage Marketing Academy

The Mortgage Marketing Academy gives you the opportunity to learn all about the mortgage market. This will make your job easier and give you more confidence.

There are 5 Modules - all available on demand. 

The Modules

Module One - Market Overview

Distribution dynamics - networks, clubs, packagers and brokers. The role of the broker. A whose who in the market. A look at the Trade Press and all the events.

Module Two - The Competitive Landscape

Examining market share, different lender types, market sectors and a look at suppliers of product and criteria information.

Module Three - The Market

A look at different product types, key criteria, how products are priced, funding models and a look at the key economic elements. 

Module Four - Broker Psychographics

Forget B2B and B2C. This market is different. Understand broker needs, their decision making, and the power of neuromarketing.

Module Five - Bring It All Together

Use the knowledge from the Academy with your marketing nous to unleash your potential and develop really powerful marketing. 

Get Access To Academy Modules

All Modules are available online. Get in touch to get access.

There is no cost to members of the Mortgage Marketing Forum. If you are not a member, the fee is £1200 + VAT.

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