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The membership community that helps marketers adapt to dynamic mortgage market

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Confidence. Connections. Creativity.

We help marketers have more self belief and work effectively in the mortgage market. This confidence is built by sharing ideas and connecting you with other marketers in the sector.

This is achieved through content and events.

Content spans all things marketing, through to getting to grips with the mortgage market. It covers the economy. And we also share tips to help with things like time management and personal development.

Our Members

Members get more confident in that they are doing the right things right. And they enjoy belonging to a community of like minded individuals.


Members of Mortgage Marketing Forum are of smart thinking and busy marketers who have the drive to keep learning. They span a whole range of mortgage lenders, Networks and Clubs. From technology firms and Conveyancers.

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Understanding Brand vs Demand Marketing


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Lisa Meredith, HSBC UK

“Not only does this provide a fantastic depth and breadth of topics that are useful and relatable, it also gives you the unique opportunity to meet like-minded marketers who are all at different stages in their careers. A forum just for Marketers and a great group of people"

Joe Akosah, Bluestone

"The Forum is as good as it gets. Hosted by the wonderful Jeff Knight it offers all kinds of excellent network opportunities and support from Jeff. The workshop I attended was a positive experience, and allowed me to meet like-minded people within the industry and share ideas." 

Leah Brunskill, MFS

"I really enjoy using The  Forum for checking best practice, thoughts and advice when it comes to marketing in our industry. The snackablecontent is perfect for busy days! Meeting others that have the same challenges is really beneficial, and that wouldn’t happen without the Forum."

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