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Why Marketing Needs To Be The Voice of the Customer

The mortgage market slowing down, after a prolonged period of growth. As a result, marketing is more important than ever. And for marketers, being the voice of the customer (VoC) is now so vital.

There are many different views and thoughts about being the voice of the customer. Whichever way you look at it, it is so important to marketers. Being the voice of the customer is relevant to you, whether your customer is a lender, broker, consumer or another company. The market has changed so dramatically in short space of time – and will continue to change.

The Role Of Marketing The role of marketing is to be the link between the customer and the business and the link between the business and the customer. You need to listen. You need to talk. By gathering insight and analysing data, you get to really understand your customer; their needs, wants, psychographics and behaviours. By gathering this, you get a big picture that you then share with your business – as you are that voice of the customer. That helps your business create better products, assess its proposition, service and so on. Finding the Voice

Being the voice of the customer is crucial and here are a few areas you can look at:

  • Customer immersion techniques

  • Focus groups

  • Tapping into syndicated pieces of research

  • Commissioning your own piece of insight assessment

  • Looing at your website data

  • Listening on social media

  • Getting deeper into your email marketing data

The more you understand your customer the better. The more you share the insight you create the better. The more you action on this insight the better. The more you do this, the more you and marketing will be revered in your business. Get those voices heard. Your customers'. And yours.


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