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Think BIG - Big Impact Goal

It’s time to think BIG and focus on a Big Impact Goal (BIG).

If you focus attention on having one BIG IMPACT GOAL, you will free up time and deliver stronger results.

Now, having one impact goal does not mean that everything else stops; it can’t. It just means that you have a stronger focus on that one thing: the thing that will make the biggest impact to your business.

This stops you running around doing lots of things that may not really matter.

Choosing that one big goal

It could be the thing that will solve your challenges and add most value to your customer. It could be something that you are currently not doing. It could be something you have thought about a lot, but not yet actioned it.

Another way to think about your BIG is – “what happens if you do not focus on it”.

Your Big Impact Goal will be unique to your business. It must deliver real measurable outcomes and will make a difference to your company. However, you develop it, it is vital that you know what your big impact goal is. Now.

BIG Actions

Once you have your BIG, you then need to:

- break this goal down into achievable bite sizeable targets

- create key measures of success

- communicate progress regularly

- ensure everyone is accountable to make all this happen.

Examples of some goals to turn into your Big Impact Goal

Increase brand salience.

Acquire new customers.

Implement CRM.

Increase unprompted willingness to recommend scores.

Increase website traffic.

Increase market share.


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