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The Art of Colouring In

As humans we are visual creatures - so visual that colour really does influence what we do and even what we buy.

This is why companies research and test colours in adverts and CTAs (even at the Forum we have tested CTA colours).

Test your CTA colours. And more. As there is a real art and science to colours.

The psychology of colour.

Colour influences our behaviour and decision-making. Different colours can impact the way buyers perceive a brand in ways that aren't always apparent, such as how certain hues can increase appetite.

Coca Cola is red for a reason. It is a common colour for fast food.

Purple is popular with new financial services companies. Whilst traditional firms prefer blue as it is a colour for trust.

Amazon use a touch of orange as orange equates to “cheap”, or the perception of cheapness.

How we use colours on our ads, our emails and website is far more important than you realise. There is a lot of science to this colouring in you know.

Of course your colours must match your brand positioning and personality. But take time to think about using colour across your marketing to increase results without doing more work.

Use complementary colours. If you look at the colour wheel, try using colours on your CTAs that are the opposite of your mainly used colour.

Blue is the opposite of orange. At the Forum we match blue with the orange logo.

Red is the opposite of green.

Start testing today. And remember, humans are visual creatures.


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