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Is your tone of voice human? Or is it dancer?

When was the last time you looked at your tone of voice and thought – is it current and still relevant?

The world has changed in recent years. So has the mortgage market?

But what about your tone of voice? Is it HUMAN. Or is it dancer? Because it is no longer an option: brands must be human. So let's explore...

  • Types of Tone of Voice

  • Why you need to humanise your brand tone of voice

  • And how to do it

Types Of Tones of Voice Your tone of voice must be right for you. You can choose to be funny v serious. Or formal v casual Or to the point v elaborate. Humanise The Brand Whatever tone of voice you choose, make sure you humanise it. And the entire brand whilst I am at it.

Why Humanise It? Because you are communicating with humans. Yes humans. So if you want to connect at that emotional level – be human yourself. Not an entity. A human. You need to understand those emotions your audience is experiencing now; they will be different to pre-pandemic times.

The truth is this: humanising your brand is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

How Can You Humanise Tone of Voice? Humanising your brand's voice means ensuring your messages are personable. It means being relatable. Do this rather than use business speak. You can still provide content that is professional, educational, credible and maybe technical. But HOW you deliver it is important. You can deliver it in a style that is empathetic to the current market or engaging.

Speak Their Language

You must speak the language of your audience. Know what they are thinking and feeling right now. Then it is easier to connect.

Rethink. Rewrite. Be Human. So it is time to challenge your tone of voice. Rethink it. It may be prefect. Or you may need to refine or rewrite it and become more human. That way you connect with a wider audience. Be human. Not a dancer.


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