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How to Get More Diverse In Your Thinking

Do great minds really think alike?

No. and they should not. We are all different and see the world through different eyes.

Instead of ignoring those who disagree with us, we should be embracing them to get a different perspective and better results. That is the power of diversity of thought and here are some simple tips to help.

#1 Encourage Ideas

Marketers are creative types but it does not mean you have to come up with all the great ideas. Instead create an environment where people can come up with ideas without fear of ridicule.

Ideas can come from anywhere. Marketers role is to listen and capture the ideas and do something with them.

#2 Critique Ideas

When you have the ideas, use diversity of thinking to get that different perspective. Talk to others in your team, organisation and outside your organisation (agencies, contacts, Forum) for a diverse view and a win:win solution.

#3 Avoid Group Thinking

For diversity of thinking, it is not a good idea to use group thinking sessions. This is because you don’t get diversity of thinking with big groups;, just the views of a few. Instead engage with people one to one for better results.

#4 Know Your Differences

To have diverse thinking you need to know more about each other – key components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and being stronger in EQ really helps diversity of thinking. Try Myers Briggs (MBTI) and the Strengths Finder assessment to great effect. Getting to understand each other really helps all forms of diversity, including the cognitive type.


You may not agree with the points above. That is good. Because great minds don’t always agree. The important matter is that you do see the importance of diverse thinking.


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