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How to enhance your visual identity

Visual identity is a crucial part of brand identity. So let's have a quick look into this.

With strong visual identity, you can make a strong emotional connection with your audience without saying a word.

Whilst brand identity is all about the personality and character of your business; visual identity is the visible expression of this.

Visual identity is the visible representation of your brand, not just the logo, but right through to the images you use, the colours and design. It can be your CTA buttons and fonts.

Top brands spend lots of energy and research to get this right; they don’t guess.

How to create a strong visual identity

  1. Have your brand identity laid out first – then the visual bit can follow. Without the former, it will not work.

  2. Design with science – great design needs science, an understanding of psychology of colour for example.

  3. Moreover, it needs to be designed with your audience in mind – not your own preferences.

  4. Be consistent in your visual identity – across all channels and media. And think how your visuals will look off and online and in different executions.

  5. Try and tell a story – humans recall stories, so focus on your visuals telling a story.

In a world where time is precious, having a strong brand identity has never been so important.


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