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Get to grips with sales metrics

Sales metrics have nothing to do with marketing.


However, they are often forgotten about. And in some cases, organisations don’t realise marketers need to be in tune with sales metrics.

If you are not looking at such measures of success, it makes your job harder. Such metrics help give you a much bigger picture of how performance is going.

Besides, your marketing activities are contributing to the sales figures. So, make sure you get to see these and that you get to understand what they mean.

What sales metrics matter most?

The ones that matter most will vary by company and company type. If you work for a lender, these will be a tad different to those use by mortgage brokers or technology firms. Nonetheless, here are some examples of the sort of thing you should be looking at, that you should be analysing and interpreting.

Key Sales KPIs

Your total sales – this should MTD, by quarter and YTD (or rolling 12-month figures)

Sales by product – for example sales by residential or buy to let products. Then break these down.

Sales by region

Sales by channel

New customers won in the last month/quarter/year

Customer lost in the last month/quarter/year

Inbound sales enquiries this week or month

Pipeline sales figures

Conversion rates by customer

Conversion rates by product

Know how much business your top 10 customer supply Go get to grips with your sales metrics


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