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Are you using Heatmapping?

Data visualisation tools help us marketers get a bigger picture through heat mapping. Whilst Google Analytics shows you what's happening on your website, heat mapping tools can give you the insight into the “why” bit.

Heat mapping tools are superb.

They can help enhance content and the experience.

And by using them, they will make you look good.

A heat map gives you a visual representation of how visitors engage with your website. As you would expect, the “hot spots” attract the most amount of attention, and the “cold” sections attract the least amount of attention.

What Can They Show You?

• How visitors actually navigate your website

• Where visitors are clicking for more information

• What your visitors are drawn to – and better still, what they are ignoring.

• Where your visitors are getting distracted by non-clickable elements.

• How far a visitor scrolls down your page and the level of engagement through scrolling.

• You can also see on a scroll map where visitors lose attention and how many impressions each part of your site is receiving.

• You can see how interaction with your site varies by NEW and EXISTING visitor.

• And the fun bit is when you see actual recordings of actual visitors and see for yourself how they engage with your website.

You don’t apply these tools to the whole website – just one or two key pages.

If you are not using such tools like Hotjar or Crazyegg – then do so.


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