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5 Key Website Metrics

Naturally we all want to see and demonstrate that traffic to our website is growing. In addition, here are some other good website metrics to track.

Bounce rates

This is the percentage of visitors who load just one page on your site. See where you are today and aim to reduce this. If your bounce rates are over 40% - you need to get this reduced quickly. Analyse why bouncing is happening and where the bounce comes from, as it may be better to use landing pages for example.

Time On Site/Pages

Look at this metric along with bounce rates. This will give you an indication of how engaging and relevant your content is. See where you are today and find a way to enhance it.

Visitors (New and Repeat)

As the name implies, a NEW visitor is someone who visits your site for the first time. Whilst not entirely accurate, due to cookies, it is nonetheless useful to track this and then to see the behaviour of new visitors and source of traffic.

Similarly, report and analyse activity and behaviour of repeat users.


If you have documents that can be downloaded from your website, make sure that you have set things up so you can measure how many times a download occurs.

Top Exit Pages

A visitor won’t stay on your website forever. And the last page they visit before departing is a very useful piece of information. Analyse the top exit pages and ask yourself, are these the last page you want them to see? If not, think about improving the journey.


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