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7 Quick Tips To Bring Marketing and Sales Closer Together

Quite frankly, when Marketing & Sales teams work in unity, growth is more rapid, costs are lower, motivation higher and efficiencies greater.

So here are 7 Quick Tips To Bring Marketing and Sales Closer Together.

1. Aim For The Same Goals You have got to have common goals. You need to be aiming for the same outcomes. It's like a football team. Ultimately you need to score a goal but you all have different roles to play in the team. But if you aim for different goals, you will never win. Unite and shoot for the same goals. 2. Plan Together It is also important the teams plan together, not separately. Know who is doing what and by when. Know what your success measures are. Put lead and lag metrics in the plan. Review the plan together. Unite and plan together.

3. Maximise Your Strengths One of the common reasons why there is conflict between marketing and sales teams is that sales people and marketrs are often different types of people. The problem is, they don't understand one another. They don't listen enough. They see only their point of view. Sound familiar? Yet those differences should be used for positive purposes - not conflict. We say therefore - apply the StrengthsFinder assessment to the teams and watch the lightbulb moment happen. You will then see how your differences and individudal strengths can be used to great effect.

4. Work the funnel together There are many variations of the sales funnel. So work together and develop your own. Think about how you will talk to brokers differently, depending on their stage in the funnel. Develop techniques to turn a website visitor into a sales prospect. Thinking about the sales funnel together will take your relationship to new heights. 5. Review together If you plan together, you should review together. How are you delivering against the joint goals? Don’t go around the room asking for updates on what people have been doing, instead get updates on what you have been achieving, the outcomes. And then decide what next. Reviewing together and not in isolation ensures you optimise performance.

6. Do the simple things Marketing team members should attend Sales meetings and calls with brokers. Marketing should understand what brokers are saying to Sales. Sales should attend Marketing meetings and contribute to planning. Wrapping Up

There are companies who who miss simple opportunities to unite their Sales and Marketing teams and miss out on market share growth. So find a way to get unity every now and then and ensure that the maximum value is being achieved.

The answer is teamwork through understanding strengths, communication through joint planning and reviews, and a culture shift to maximising data.


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