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6 Key Marketing Trends 2023

HubSpot recently published some key marketing trends and here we highlight some of these points for Forum members. We will be exploring these in 2023.

Use the Data

Winners in 2023 will be those that can find a way to get deep into their data and really get to know their target audiences. It means smarter segmentation. It means personalisation. It means really understanding customer psychographics.

Aligned Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales must work towards similar goals and have a better understanding of each other’s strengths. Those who work closely together will win together. Focus on goals such as increased sales, increased brand salience, enhancing the user experience, market penetration and increasing brand engagement.

Inbound Marketing Is Key

You need to drive more inbound activity. But this will only happen through content that is relevant. Email marketing will continue to be a key driver of inbound activity - when taking onboard personalisation and more.

Use Short Form Video

Video can be a powerful medium. But the message is clear – keep it short. Whilst long-form can help explain the whole mortgage process, marketers are realising that short-form is more effective in a fast-paced world. Besides, it is quicker to make!

Brands Must Be Human

As the market moves away from promoting products and rates, there is a trend to ensure that all content reflects a brand's values. But the content must also be relevant. But brands that are more human and helpful will be successful in 2023.

Influencer Marketing

More and more marketers are focusing on influencer marketing, and you can link this with short-form video content. This does not mean you rush out and find a celebrity, but using key people and thought leaders from the mortgage industry is a trend that can help brand awareness and increased engagement.


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