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How To Demonstrate Your Worth


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2 x 90 Mins

About the Course

In this workshop we will cover the key skills that marketers need to develop to be able to demonstrate the value they bring. This goes way beyond simply sharing some stats and talking about ROI. In this workshop, we will go through these 5 elelments that you should focus on: Being the voice of the customer - that is crucial for marketers. So how can you actually go about doing this. We will share all. Demonstrating commercial acumen - avoid having marketing referred to as "fluff" and learn how to speak the language of stakeholders and better understand the market. How to use metrics - there are key metrics that you should be sharing to demonstrate your worth. Find out what these are. Emotional Intelligence - have greater self awareness. Build trust by demosntrating your credentials and building relationships with the right people. Creative thinking - your business relies on marketing for fresh ideas that are insight led. Find out how to get stronger with your creative thinking.

Workshop #1

11 January 2024


Workshop #2

18 January 2024


Workshop Outcomes

At the end of the workshop you will understand how to go about demonstrating your worth. You will begin a new path and become the shining light.

Your Host

Jeff Knight

Jeff Knight has worked within many senior positions over the years and learned how to demonstrate the value of marketing - which is easier said than done.

Jeff Knight
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