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Building knowledge of marketing in the mortgage market. Developing skills and giving you increased confidence by developing marketing and those other soft skills.

Learning Solutions

We run a range of online workshops for Forum members.And we can provide bespoke training and development for individuals and teams.

The Mortgage Marketing Academy

Learn all about the mortgage market, its jargon, the dynamics and how to make your marketing work smarter.


Bespoke In-House

A range of training workshops delivered online to our members on a range of topics.

Tailor made training for you and your teams. 


Transformational development programme for Heads of and Marketing Managers.

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Mortgage Marketing Academy

The Academy begins in October - but sign up now.

We will be sharing everything you need to know about the mortgage market and what works best when it comes to marketing. 

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Online Workshops

Sign up to one or more of our workshops.

These cover:

Email Marketing

The Art of Self Promotion
How To Demonstrate Your Worth (and the value of marketing)

Know Your Strenghts

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Bespoke In-House Training

If you prefer, you can arrange bespoke sessions with just you and/or your team. Here is a list of topics that we can help with. For this training there will be a cost of £595 + VAT or £895 + VAT for half/full day training.

  • Email marketing

  • Segmentation

  • Digital marketing

  • Understanding brokers

  • Financial promotions

  • How to enhance your creative thinking

  • How to demonstrate the value of marketing

  • Strategic marketing – designing a proposition

Working at home

Leadership Development

This is a transformation programme to help marketing managers and Heads of Marketing enhance their leadership skills. Even if you do not run a team - this one one one programme will be relevant.

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