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Helen Carter

Head of Channel Engagement

Q. How did it feel winning an award recently?

I’m extremely proud of all the comms, campaigns, and promotions I helped put together over the course of the year and this represented a big accolade from a personal perspective.

And this was all the sweeter due to this event being focused solely on celebrating the best marketing minds within our industry, as this is something I’ve championed for quite some time.

Q. How did you end up with a career in marketing and how did you find yourself in the mortgage industry?

I fell into marketing. As one of several undergraduates, we were being interviewed in blocks for various roles at General Motors. I ended up getting on really well with the director of marketing, the role sounded interesting, and it went from there. Working for an American company that was struggling at the time, during a financial crisis – trying to sell cars, was a baptism of fire!

My introduction to the mortgage industry, when was fortunate enough to be able to purchase my first home. I soon realised that I pretty much had zero knowledge of mortgages. I ended up visiting bank after bank before finally being told to visit a mortgage broker.

I felt embarrassed about how little I knew and why I knew so little. This was before social media money influencers where the norm – now there is a lot more information out there for people to access. This ignorance inspired me to help educate more people of my age – mid-twenties at that time – about mortgages and from that I progressed into this role.

Q. Where do you live?

On the Essex/Suffolk border.

Q. What’s your favourite TV advert?

I was a marketers dream as a child, and I can still recall many adverts from my childhood. However, the most iconic one that springs to mind is L’Oréal – because I’m worth it! Used to love Jennifer Aniston when she was in Friends.

Q. What was the first (or last) concert/gig you went to?

The last gig I went to was Ed Sheeran. I grew up in Suffolk and he is my Suffolk hero! He even wore an Ipswich Town shirt throughout the gig!

Q. What advice would you give to other marketers in the mortgage market?

What I would say for any new entrant to the mortgage world, would be to try and not to be intimidated. Just remember, you are an expert in what you do.

It’s also important to learn how to get your marketing voice heard from an internal and external perspective. Your network will most likely include people who do not ‘understand marketing’ and therefore you need to understand how they communicate and talk their language to help them comprehend what you are trying to achieve, allowing you to work together more effectively.

Q. What is your favourite city you have ever been to?

It’s a bit of a cheat but I’m going for a hybrid of two - Edinburgh and Cape Town. Edinburgh – because I love it, my birthday is on Hogmanay and spent my 30 th celebrating there and Cape Town – (I am married to a South African) I love the wine, sunshine, coast, and mountains!

Q. What is your favourite film?

Back to the Future – I can watch it again and again!


Helen Carter
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