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Charlotte Rutter

Head of Marketing & Comms

Q. How did it feel winning an award recently (Marketer of the Year at Women’s Recognition Awards)?


I was genuinely shocked. A colleague filmed mine and the tables reaction and I love watching it back. Seeing everyone jump out of their seats was awesome and I am very proud. I do have a strong work ethic and am very dedicated but I also have a wonderful support network and power team full of people who drive me and want me to push on and succeed. The dust has settled now and I am still super proud of it, I think I always will be.

Q. What was the response from your work colleagues?

My colleagues have always been very supportive and the response has been very humbling. I said earlier I love watching the video of when my name was read out – I just loved how much pride and excitement was surrounding me. I am not the only individual and ‘team’ who has shortlisted for an award this year. There is so much support in Roma for people to spread their wings and I am hopeful for other team members to get the recognition they deserve too.


Q. How did you end up with a career in marketing and how did you find yourself in the mortgage industry?


I have always worked in marketing, since leaving university, albeit one year in sales. I have worked across a number of industries in my 20 year career. I was in a very driven business when I had my first child and they could not offer me any flexibility. I wanted the best of both worlds. I got the Head of Marketing role at a mortgage packager and realised I had found my industry home. I then went to Roma a few years later where I found a cemented passion for the specialist finance industry. I love finding the opportunities within the industry.

Q. Where do you live?


I live in the North West, with Roma’s head office in Central Manchester.


Q. How would you define marketing to someone?


I think marketing has changed a lot especially in the last 10 – 15 years. Exploration and creation are key words in marketing now. The world moves fast and marketing is the force that keeps everyone up to date and educates – it is essential.

Q. What was the first (or last) concert/gig you went to?


The last concert I went to was Pink up in Bolton and she was absolutely unbelievable – so full of energy.Q. What is your favourite film?


Jaws! I saw it accidently as a kid which was a disaster for my parents as I grew up in New Zealand and was on the beach everyday – they were so confused as to why I wouldn’t go in the water. Now it is my favourite movie.

Q. What advice would you give to other marketers in the mortgage market?


I think within the mortgage market there is a lot of scope to be different and stand out. Be brave and think outside the box. Also, share your knowledge; we are all learning and when you are in an industry such as this, where the impact you have on an individual life is potentially huge, the more ways we can get information out, the better.

Q. What is your favourite city you have ever been to?


Hmm this is a tough one as I am a travel fanatic. If we are talking the UK then Brighton (home city) or Edinburgh. If we are talking the world I love Sydney, New York and Ho Chi Minh.

Charlotte Rutter
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