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Brooke Martin-Glover

Senior Marketing Executive

Q. How did it feel winning an award recently? For only a small team of 3, it’s an amazing feeling to be recognized for our combined efforts and dedication over the past year. It was a proud moment for all of us!

Q. How did you end up with a career in marketing and how did you find yourself in the mortgage industry? When I started studying business at A-level I knew marketing really interested me and decided to start learning more about it. After working in accounts for a fintech for a few years, I took the leap and started in their marketing department. This is my first role in the mortgage industry.

Q. Where do you live? East London / Essex

Q. Do you have a favourite saying?

“Life’s short. Talk fast.” – Gilmore Girls

Q. What was the first (or last) concert/gig you went to?

The 1975

Q. What advice would you give to other marketers in the mortgage market? Take the time to understand who your customers are, and what they need from you. Put yourself in their shoes and try to picture how your content will be perceived by them.


Q. What is your favourite city you have ever been to?

New York


Q. What is your favourite film?

The Breakfast Club

Brooke Martin-Glover
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