Quickfire tips on segmentation

don't batch and blast

Quickfire tips on segmentation

Are you using batch and blast techniques for your email marketing?

This is where you send the same message to everyone. This is the most common approach. However, with batch and blast:

- your marketing effectiveness is lower
- your costs are higher
- open and click to open rates lower
- unsubscribe rates higher

Segmentation solves this.

Yet this approach does not happen because:

- it is not a quick win
- it can seem daunting and involves data
- lack of resource

However, segmentation makes your marketing more effective and delivers greater ROI

How to segment?

You must choose the best route for you. You can go for:

- Demographics segmentation
- Geographic segmentation
- Firmographic segmentation
- Psychographic segmentation

Then once you segment, the real benefits come with re-segmentation!!!

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