Email Marketing Tips

Quickfire tips for your email marketing

Email Marketing Tips

When it comes to email marketing, there are three metrics that matter:

Your open rates
Your click to open rates (not click through rates)
And unsubscribe rates

What does good look like?

Open rates of 25% or more
Click to open rates of 10to 15%
Unsubscribes of 0.25% (if you ever exceed 1% then radical changes are needed)

Always Strive For Better

No matter where you are today, and even if your results are better than average – always put a goal in place to improve your results.

How Can You Improve Results?

Test different subject lines to see what works (A/B testing is only good if your list is large)
Use send time optimisation
Segment – if you are using batch and blast, then you must change
Personalise – and we don’t mean “Hi Jack” we mean making your messages relevant based on past behaviour
Have clear CTA buttons (and test different button colours – science has proven different colours have different results)
Include links elsewhere in the copy and images
Use engaging imagery
Keep your email content short