7 Quick Tips on Email Subject Lines

Get more people to read your emails

7 Quick Tips on Email Subject Lines

7 Subject line tips

If you have open rates of 30%, that’s not bad. But when you stop and think, that’s 70% of people who ignored you.

Here are some tips to get more engagement.

1. Be relevant to your audience – are you telling them something of interest to them or to you?

2. Be timely – send at the right time of day and on the right days (use send time optimisation)

3. Be purposeful – remind yourself of the goal of the email, and now think of its subject line

4. Resend – change your subject line and go again on a different day

5. Mix it up – too many subject lines are too corporate; try something different

6. Keep it short

7. Spend time on it – the rule of thumb is spend the same amount of time on your subject lines as your content