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Why marketing content needs an outcome

When it comes to writing content – for your website, blogs, press articles or even emails – you want to make it as great as possible right?

How do you do this?

Well, first things first, before putting finger to the keyboard, you must determine the purpose and desired outcome of what you are delivering.

Think about WHY are you writing some content in the first place? Is it for your benefit or will it benefit your audience?

What is it you want them to know?

Now determine what you want your audience to THINK and FEEL about your content.

If you are familiar with Myers Briggs (MBTI) then you will know some people think first, others feel first. That is why your content needs some facts and some emotive connection.

It maybe that you just want your audience to think – these guys really know their stuff and understand me. Therefore, your content must be credible, with credible sources.

And you may simply want them to feel as though they can trust you with their business. Writing with empathy will help. You should use the word “you”. And write as though you would speak; if it reads like writing, rewrite it!!

Now you need to decide what you want your audience to DO.

Now sometimes you may not want the audience to DO anything, other than read and enjoy your content. Not everything needs a CTA. Particularly when you are using lead nurturing techniques.

Other times you will want them to do something. It may be to click to a particular web page, sign up for an event, or make a call. Be clear what this is. Have just one thing for the audience to do. Make it easy to do this.


So, you’ve worked out what you want your audience to know, think, feel, and do. But you are not finished, sorry. You now need to ensure what you have written aligns to the purpose.

Check that you are delivering what you set out to achieve from the content. If not, change it.

If you follow this approach, you will be ahead of most people.


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