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What Gets In The Way of Creative Thinking?

Creativity is the engine room of marketing. But there are things that get in the way. Things that stop us from having those creative thoughts. Know these barriers, then you can overcome them. Overcome them and you will be a creative genius. Or close to it at least.

Time is perhaps the most common obstacle that you will come. If we don't have enough time to think, then we won't have enough time for creative thinking. This barrier must first be overcome.

Fear. One fear that unites us all is the fear of being wrong. We all hate being wrong and even worse, we hate being proven wrong by others. So we often keep quiet, just in case. We also fear ridicule so often keep ideas to ourselves in case we are laughed at. Be brave and share your ideas.

Self doubt. There is a lack of understanding about what creativity actually is it causes people to doubt about their own ability to think creatively. They have pre-conceptions about who is creative and believe it so not them. We are all's a skill that needs unzipping.

Conformity. As humans we have a need to conform. But this can be a barrier. Doing something new seems a risk because it does not conform to the market. Don't be the same as others - get creative and stand out. Being different doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Mobile phones. We never switch off. We have a few minutes to spare, so we check the news, social feeds and more. But sometimes doing nothing and letting your mind wander can generate wonders. Now go and knock down those barriers.


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