Perception - the only reality

There are different thoughts on the marketing mix – or the 7Ps. But one P that is missing is PERCEPTION.

We are all different We all receive and process information differently. We will all have different levels of awareness and understanding of a particular brand. And this means different people will therefore have different perceptions of your brand.

Think about these competing brands: Coke v Pepsi, Starbucks v Cafe Nero and Apple v Samsung. What you think and how you feel about these brands will be different to other people. Your choice of brand will be based upon your overall perception of that brand, which will have been built up through many different layering processes at a conscious and subconscious level. We are all motivated by different things.

We all learn in different ways. And we all see things differently to each other. This is why perception is so important to marketers.

The Perception Gap Not only will people have varying perceptions of your brand, but there is also often a gap between how you’d like your brand to be seen and how it is really seen. This is what I call the perception gap and this gap can become more complex when there is a disparity with internal perception too. Therefore must be astute and know the size of their perception gap.

Marketers must therefore understand any gaps in perception to be able to enhance their brands…and then go about having a brand strategy of closing this gap. You should obtain regular 360⁰feedback about your brand’s personality and character. This should be from your customers, your staff and other stakeholders. Perception is reality after all. It's time to understand and close your perception gap.

And remember, The Mortgage Marketing Forum is here to help with such matters.

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