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How To Write Engaging Copy

When it comes to writing copy, marketers need to make it engaging. For websites. For ads. For emails. For articles. You name it, engaging copy is needed.

10 Quick Tips For Engaging Copy

Because copywriting is a different skill to any type of writing. And language rules you learn at school should be forgotten. Don’t worry about the grammar police Your words can be so powerful. They can make the difference to brand engagement and brand abandonment. And a difference to conversion rates. So, don’t forget to use some of these 10 quick tips to help. 1. Write as though you speak 2. Keep sentences short = 12 words or less 3. Be confident – avoid phrases like “we hope” and “maybe” 4. Don’t say “check out” before your CTAs ! 5. Get to the point quickly - and upfront 6. Use the words “don’t forget to” to proceed your CTAs 7. Ask “why” and then say “because”; and use “because” to begin a new sentence. 8. Allow for skim reading, through spacing and symbols 9. Start with what action you want your readers to take, then work backwards 10. Use “we” more than “I"

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