Get the balance right - WFH v office working

What’s the best balance between working from home and office working? With regards to the pandemic at least, it seems the world is returning to some sense of normality – and that means returning to the office for some. But, for many, the world of work post-Covid involves a hybrid approach, splitting the week across working from home and working from the office.

So, what’s the best balance between the two? And how can you work out how to combine home and office working in a way that maximises your productivity and personal wellbeing?

We often think about ways to improve the operational efficiency of a business and this question provides us with the opportunity to improve our own operational efficiency as individuals.

The key is identifying which parts of your job are best accomplished where and, as marketers, we like to track metrics, so what better way of doing this than working out some metrics and monitoring how you get on.

For example, how about tracking your productivity across different types of tasks working across both locations. For hard metrics, you could consider some output measurements, such as words typed, emails answered or tasks checked off. And for soft metrics, consider logging your mood and sense of accomplishment at the end of each day, using a one to five scale.

Over a period of time, track where you are working, what you are doing and your productivity, in terms of both hard and soft metrics. You can then analyse this data to look for patterns and trends that could hold the secret to enabling you to work more effectively and happily.

Keep a keen eye on any divergences between your home days and your office days. Are there particular types of tasks that you complete more quickly at home, or at the office? Are certain meetings more effective face-to-face or remotely, and does this make a difference on your attitude towards those meetings? Do you work better at particular times of day? Once you have the data to manage the way you work, you will have a strong case for building your own working schedule – optimising the performance of certain tasks by undertaking them in the best location and at the best time of day. This will also demonstrate your ability to take ownership of your own working conditions and productivity in the new hybrid workplace. And, if it works well, it should also win you some more free time to invest in your personal development.

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