Don't get left out in the cold - use Heat Maps

Today, us marketers can measure so much. Sometimes there is too much, which means there can be a tendency to focus on the metrics that look good and are a bit easier to derive at, than focus on what is actually important.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts” Albert Einstein.

Website data is a good example

We all want to see a growth in traffic. We all want to see visitors spending more time on our websites and bounce rates reduction. These are very useful metrics, but don’t always tell the whole story.

These metrics do not tell you about how your visitors interact with your site, the journey they take and how they engage with it. Engagement is vital.

Whilst Google Analytics shows you what's happening on your website, heat mapping tools can give you the insight into the “why” bit.

That is where data visualisation tools help us marketers get a bigger picture through heat mapping.

Heat Mapping Tools Are Great

These tools are superb. And when you use them, you are astounded just how people interact with your website – it is often not quite what you actually imagined. These tools can help you with powerful data and insights that can help you optimise your website – rather than you guess or argue with your agency over what looks best.

These tools can help you enhance your content, enhance the user experience and conversion rates. You can use it to see if your recent content and design changes worked. They can help you, but they won’t do it all for you. You must still apply the technology to your sites then take the time to analyse, interpret and create solutions; but that is what marketers are best at. More importantly – these tools give marketers the opportunity to demonstrate their worth in the company by sharing their insights and actions as a result.

Heat mapping tools give powerful insights that help marketers demonstrate their worth

What Is a Heat Map?

Quite simply, a heat map gives you a visual representation of how visitors engage with your website. It uses a colour spectrum – a “heat map” - to demonstrate which sections of your pages get more engagement and are better at holding visitor attention. As you would expect, the “hot spots” attract the most amount of attention, and the “cold” sections attract the least amount of attention.

What Can They Show You?
  • How visitors actually navigate your website

  • Where visitors are clicking for more information – and it may not always be your CTA buttons.

  • What are the most clicked buttons and which pages get the most clicks.

  • What your visitors are drawn to – and better still, what they are ignoring.

  • Where your visitors are getting distracted by non-clickable elements.

  • You can see how far a visitor scrolls down your page and the level of engagement through scrolling.

  • You can see the percentage of visitors who scroll through each section of your webpage. The hotter the section, the more visitors have viewed it.

  • This data can help determine where you should place CTAs or important information on your webpage.

  • You can also see on a scroll map where visitors lose attention and how many impressions each part of your site is receiving.

  • You can see the average fold line, which helps you work out where to place key content.

  • You can see how interaction with your site varies by NEW and EXISTING visitor.

  • You can see where visitors hover the cursor when reading - hotter the area, the longer they hang their cursor over it.

  • And the fun bit is when you see actual recordings of actual visitors and see for yourself how they engage with your website.

Don't get left out in the cold...
use data visualisation

What Should You Analyse?

Don’t boil the sea and analyse every page. Apply heat mapping to your home page, landing pages and another key page that gets most traffic. Get your home page right and that will make a big difference.

Make Engagement A Key Measure of Success

Google analytics is great. It is a great place to begin your analytical journey. But without heat mapping, you will still be guessing. With heat mapping, your bosses will be impressed What Tools Exist? There are several tools that exist, but the Forum suggests looking at Cazyegg or HotJar.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts” Albert Einstein.
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