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BVA BDRC Becomes Latest Corporate Member

15 Dec 2022

New Member Announced

The Mortgage Marketing Forum has announced that market insights firm, BVA-BDRC, has joined its community as a corporate sponsor.

BVA-BDRC provides insight to the mortgage industry, through syndicated and bespoke research amongst consumers and mortgage brokers.

The Mortgage Marketing Forum is a membership community of marketers from across the mortgage industry, including lenders, broker firms, technology companies, mortgage clubs and networks and conveyancers. The Forum hosts events and provides exclusive content and training for its members.

The Mortgage Marketing Forum was formed in 2021 and has been expanding its membership throughout 2022 and will be adding new services to its members in 2023.

Jeff Knight, director at The Mortgage Marketing Forum, said: “Insights and having a customer focus are two of the core competencies of marketing professionals, particularly in this fast changing market. It is therefore great to have a firm like BVA-BDRC actively involved in membership, so we can create enhanced solutions for members and ultimately create better consumer outcomes. Having corporate sponsors gives us more diverse thinking and can help contribute to broader content and events.”

Mark Long, director at BVA-BDRC, added: “It is clear that marketing is more important than ever, with insights rooted at the heart of good marketing activity. Joining the Forum is a key strategic decision, as we too have to listen to their members and adapt. The Forum provides a great service to the mortgage market and we want to be part of it. We look forward to working with the Forum and its members.”

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