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How Will Generative AI Impact the World of Marketing

Hear the views of the panel from within and outside of the mortgage market. How is AI being used and what skills do marketers now need to harness.

Jeff knight talks to:


Paul Wreford Brown (Embrace)

Debbie Staveley (BClear)
Rob Flint (Tinderflint)
Natalie Moreno (Financial Services Marketer)

Mortgage Market Update

Jeff Knight chats to brokers and distributors to hear what is going on in the mortgage market right now.

Watch Now.

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Let's Find Out About The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter

Jeff Knight talks to Jason Berry to help us understand more about the issues around mental health and how this Charter can help.

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How to build a personal brand on social media

Jeff Knight talks to Ros Lazzara (social media expert) and Austyn Johnson (expert mortgage broker) about the use of social media.

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How To Build And Measure Brand Salience

Jeff Knight talks to Mark Long (BVA-BDRC) and Ali Williams (mark-making) about the importance of brand salience and how to build it.


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How To Get The Most Out of Your Events

In this webinar we talk to Mike Mikunda (MBE), Andy Shields (Barcadia Media) and Jamie Hurst (AE3 Media) about best practice event management.

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Market Outlook 2023

Here we chat to Sarah Tucker and Sally Mitchell of The Mortgage Mum, Nicholas Nicholas of Mortgage Broker Tools and Ahmed Michla of Ohpen about the market outlook of 2023.

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