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Working at home

Leadership Transformation

Whether you work alone or manage a team - this is for you. Because being an effective leader is a lot more than just leading a team.

This unique transformation programme will take you give you the knowledge and skills to transform into a great marketing leader.


Programme Overview

The workshops have been developed after extensive research into where marketer leadership needs exist. We have spoken to many marketing professionals and used our own experience to boot. And this is built around our own experiences, the good, the bad and the rest.



  • Big overview into marketing leadership

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leadership skills

  • Creative thinking

  • Voice of the customer

  • Commercial acumen

You can see full summary of each workshop here.

Working at home
At The End Of The Programme You Will...
  • How to make the transition from management to leadership.

  • Have the knowledge, confidence and courage to make the transition to a highly effective marketing leader.

  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence.

  • Know how to achieve the right balance between managing/doing.

  • Know how to get results through others and lead using your natural talents.

  • Understand commercial acumen.

  • Know the power of developing creative solutions to challenges.

  • Know how to plan, organise and manage your time.

  • Understand how to communicate effectively. 

  • Discover how to coach, praise and give constructive criticism.

  • Understand different leadership skills and how to get the team to pull together.

  • Know the importance of being you.

  • Get to know how to understand your customers and make your mark in your company.

Six Modules 


to make the transition

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About your host

This unique transformation programme is led by Jeff Knight, who has over 30 years marketing experience.


He's worked at Exec Level, benefited from Executive Coaching and won awards to boot. He has built and developed small and large teams and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Sign up to this programme to discover how to make the transition from a great marketing manager to a great marketing leader. 


Forum Member Cost

£1350 + VAT
(depending upon location of meetings)


Non Member Cost

£1650 + VAT
(depending upon location of meetings)

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