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The Knowledge

Members of the Mortgage Marketing Forum receive regular content. Because we never stop learning. And the content acts as a spark for your own ideas.

Content falls into one of three categories, with some examples shown below:


  • Strategic

  • Fresh thinking

  • Usable for the every day


Member Content

The content shown is an example of some of the content members have received.

Members get full access to the complete catalogue of content.

Content is short and sharp, to be easy to read and digest.


Be The Voice Of The Customer

The latest article explores the importance of Marketing being the Voice of the Customer (VoC). Whether your customer is a lender, intermediary or the consumer, being their voice is vital. And it is a great way of getting the voice of Marketing heard too.


How to be more agile at work

This article looks at how we can try and be more agile at work. An essential ingredient of the modern work environment.


Marketing Trends 2023

From greater use of data though to personalisation and humanising brands, this article examines marketing trends we should take notice of.

Image by lan deng

What's Your Bounce Rate?

This article looks at how to really measure your website bounce rates.

Image by Samuel-Elias Nadler

The Art of Colouring In

There is real science behind the "colouring in". This looks at the science of colour.

Image by Ramakant Sharda

Podcast - How To Apply Diversity of Thought

In this Podcast, Jeff Knight talks to Andrew Montlake about all things to do with diversity of thought.

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