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Know Your Strengths


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2 x 90 Mins

About the Course

Research shows high performing individuals and teams are those focusing on their strengths.


This workshop uses the StrengthsFinder assessment to help you discover your talents and how to turn them into strenghts. You will take the assessment before the session – and will need to buy the book to take the assessment. Then we will explore what the results mean and how to turn your natural talents into your strengths. It's as simple as that.

We will discover your own natural talents and how these give you the greatest scope for career growth. Understand to focus on "you're good at that" rather than "that's your weak spot". You will learn that how this helps with emotional intelligence - a key ingredient of top marketers.

Most importantly – it will give you heaps of self confidence

Workshop #1

22 February 2024


Workshop #2

29 February 2024


Workshop Outcomes

At the end of the workshop you will know your TOP 5 natural talents. You will understand how to turn these into strengths by developing ways to use these natural talents more - and realise they are an asset.

Your Host

Jeff Knight

Jeff Knight is a Fellow of the CIM with over 25 years experience of marketing in the mortgage market. He first discovered the power of StrengthsFinder in 2007 and has delivered many workshops on this since becoming an advocate.

Jeff Knight
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